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Booking and pricing information for Pawna Lake camping

By considering, different choices of campers we have selected different Campsite from Pawna Lake to help you to choose Best Campsite.

The cost of Pawna Lake camping varies depending on the type of camping experience you choose. Basic tent camping options start at around Rs.999 per person per night, while luxury glamping experiences can cost upwards of Rs.1999 per person per night. It's advisable to check the websites or contact the campsite organizers for the most up-to-date pricing and availability. Booking in advance is highly recommended to secure your preferred dates and campsite.

Book in advance: Pawna Lake camping is extremely popular, especially during weekends and holidays by family, Couples & Group. To avoid disappointment, make sure to book your campsite in advance.

Pawna Lake Camping in Lonavala

Pawna Lake Camping in Lonavala is high choosen picnic spot near Mumbai, pune .

21 0 Deg

Tent Stay, Campfire, Games(Archery, Cards, Badminton, Dart, FootBall, Cricket, Swimming, Music & Dance)
Check-In : 4PM | Check-Out : 11AM
Snacks(Tea, Pakoda) | BBQ(Veg BBQ / Non Veg BBQ) | Dinner Veg(Dal tadka, Paneer sabji or veg sabji, chapati, steamed rice, salad ) NonVeg(Chicken curry, chapati, steamed rice, salad) | Breakfast(Biscuits, Poha & Tea) (Jain Food also Available)
Trekking (Optional)
Tikona Fort Trekking (Additional Charges)

Nearby Places: Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort and Visapur Fort
Horse Riding (Optional)
Horse Riding (Additional Charges)

Boating (Optional)
Boating (Additional Charges)

Camping Details for one night Stay

Pawna Lake Camping in lonavala is best destination for nature lovers. Two Days & One night itenary includes Check-In at 4 PM & Check-Out at 11 AM Next Day. On Check-in refresh your mood with Hi-Tea & relax into Tent house. In Evening, enjoy nature beauty that is Sunset View beside Lake. Now time to have some Hot & Spicy veg/Non-Veg Barbecue (BBQ) with Music. From classic favorites to hot new tracks, a playlist filled with high-energy, upbeat songs will help kickstart the party. "Get on Dance floor and enjoy Party". Dinner start at 9.30PM onwards, Unlimited Dinner (Veg/Non-Veg). campfire will keep you cheery and warm, and make the evening an adventure. Clicks Photos on our decorative campground to save memories. Enjoy Night Campfire with Ghost stories or Live music. We Best suited accommodation in tents with Clean Bedding, Pillow and Bedsheets, Clean Washrooms and friendly Staff to serve you better.


Location and accessibility of Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake is conveniently located around 15 kilometers from the popular hill station of Lonavala. This makes it easily accessible for both local and international travelers. The lake is nestled in the midst of lush greenery, offering a serene and peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for camping. Whether you choose to drive down or take public transportation, reaching Pawna Lake is a breeze.

Camping options and facilities

Pawna Lake offers a wide range of camping options to suit every camper's needs. From basic tent camping to luxurious glamping experiences, there is something for everyone. The campsites at Pawna Lake are well-equipped with all the necessary facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. You can expect clean and hygienic washrooms, drinking water facilities, and even electricity at some campsites. Many campsites also offer delicious meals, including barbecue options, to tantalize your taste buds.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the lap of nature? Look no further than Pawna Lake camping – a magical experience that will unleash the adventurer within you. Nestled amidst the stunning Sahyadri mountain range in Maharashtra, India, Pawna Lake offers breathtaking views and idyllic camping sites that will leave you mesmerized. Get ready to immerse yourself in nature's bounty as you pitch your tent under the starlit sky and wake up to the sound of chirping birds. Whether you are a thrill-seeker looking for thrilling water sports or a peace-lover seeking serenity, Pawna Lake has something for everyone. Indulge in activities like kayaking, boating, swimming, and even paragliding for an adrenaline rush like no other. Spend your evenings around a bonfire, sharing laughter and stories with fellow campers. Experience the joy of devouring delicious barbecued food as you bond with friends and family. As the night falls, lose yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings and witness the magic of the starry night sky. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime at Pawna Lake camping. Embrace adventure and nature's beauty in this hidden gem of Maharashtra. So pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and let Pawna Lake ignite the explorer within you!

Why Choose Wild Lake Camping

  • Lakeside Tents
  • Best Price in Pawna
  • Geniune reviews from Customer
  • Private Own CampingSite
  • Good Food Quality
  • No Fake Commitments
  • Actual Campsite Photos
  • Safe & Secure Camping

Activities and attractions at Pawna Lake camping

Pawna Lake is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. The crystal-clear waters of the lake beckon you to indulge in a variety of water sports. Kayaking, boating, and swimming are some of the popular activities that you can enjoy here. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can even try your hand at paragliding and experience the thrill of soaring through the sky. For nature lovers, there are plenty of hiking trails and trekking routes around the lake that offer stunning views of the surrounding Sahyadri mountains.

Boating activities at Pawana
Kayaking activity at Pavna
Paragliding Activity

Wish to plan a camping trip outside town of Lonavala near mumbai or pune? then Pawna Lake camping in Lonavala is most suitable choice for you. Beautiful Morning and memorable camping nights With Musical Party, campfire near Lake, scenic view of mountain with sunset and sunrise, Advantures activities and Pawna Lake Tent House Resort this all you are going to enjoy with your friends or children or with loved ones. Spend Quality Time With them at your trip of Lake Camping with best Price.

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This location is vey famous for different Event like Pawna Lake new year Party, DJ Holi Event at Pawna, Valentine Day.

Wild Lake Camping - Lakeside View, Mountain surroundig, nightly campfire and Pleasant Environment inspired us to set up camps along the Sahyadris in and around the beautiful hill town of Tent House Resorts. The campsite located at one of the most scenic surrounding pawnacamp hills- a beauty that would enchant all nature lover. From the Families, couples, the corporate Groups, students many types of campers visit pawna camping because its very near from Mumbai & Pune. From excellent local cuisine to a variety of outdoor fun activities like boating, archery, dart, carom, badminton Games to engaged and enjoy so that your time at Pawna Dam camping is memorable one.

Testimonials and reviews from previous campers

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Frequently Asked Questions on Pawna Lake Camping Lonavala

Yes, Pawna Lake Camping is very safe and secure for Couples. Pawna Camping couple friendly place, many couples visiting pawna camping. Our staff is there to ensure your Secuity.
Pawna Lake camping is located 22KM from Kamshet railway Station & 30KM Driving Distance from Lonavala Station
Yes, You can Visit and come Back after Dinner or without Dinner.
Yes, You can Enjoy Swimming at Pawna Lake.
Earlier it was possible to set camping along pawna lake when pawna camps is not so famous, but now it is not possible. we can permit you to do your self camping near Pawna Lake with your own tent with some Charges, please drop message to us.
Tents are Just 15 to 20 Steps far from Lake. Lakeside Tent with Lakeview to Enjoy Sunset & Sunrise.
Yes, Drinks are allowed. You can carry Drinks.

Sightseeing near Pawna Lake Camping

Top Places near Visit Pawna Lake Camping?

Tikona Fort

Lohagad is just 6.8KM from Pawana Campsite.

Tung Fort

Tung is just 3KM from Pawna Campsite.

Visapur Fort

Visapur is just 3.3KM from Pawna Camps.

Best time to visit Pawna Lake

The best time to visit Pawna Lake is during the winter and monsoon seasons, which fall between October and February. The weather during this time is pleasant, with cool temperatures and occasional rainfall. The monsoon season, in particular, transforms the landscape into a lush green paradise, making it an ideal time for camping and exploring the natural beauty of the area. However, it's important to note that camping during the monsoon season comes with its own set of challenges, such as muddy terrain and increased chances of rain. If you prefer a more comfortable camping experience, the winter months are perfect, with clear skies and mild temperatures.

Got bore of city life, staying in hotel rooms on vacation?? And looking for a short break from daily routine life, then you are at right place to pleasure your beautiful & lovely moments with the special ones. Yes!! Come here at Pawna lake, surrounded by mountains, lakes and under the hood nature. The camp tent house are safe, clean and full of comfort & joy.


Come visit at Pawna Lake Camping in Lonavala with your Friends, Family, Couples or Groups. Make your vacation memorable by staying near the Lakeside camp and night under the mighty stars. Explore the nature in the mountain ranges of Lonavala and Khandala. The Pawna Lake Camping is full of joy, fun and excitment. Facilated with Indoor & Outdoor activities for both adults & Kids. Live Music & Bonefire a prefect combo to set upright your evening the most memorable one.

Safety precautions and guidelines for Pawna Lake camping

While Pawna Lake offers a thrilling camping experience, it's important to prioritize safety. Here are some safety precautions and guidelines to follow:

  1. Swimming safety: If you plan to swim in Pawna Lake, make sure you are a confident swimmer and aware of any potential hazards. Always swim in designated areas and avoid swimming alone.
  2. Water sports safety: When participating in water sports activities, always wear a life jacket and follow the instructions provided by the instructors.
  3. Weather alertness: Keep an eye on the weather forecast before heading out for camping or engaging in outdoor activities. In case of adverse weather conditions, it's best to postpone your plans.
  4. Campfire safety: If you plan to have a campfire, ensure that you follow the campsite's guidelines for building and extinguishing the fire. Always keep a bucket of water or sand nearby to put out the fire completely.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Pawna Lake camping offers a magical experience that allows you to reconnect with nature and unleash your inner adventurer. With its stunning landscapes, thrilling water sports, and comfortable camping facilities, it's no wonder that this hidden gem in Maharashtra is gaining popularity among travelers. So pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and let Pawna Lake ignite the explorer within you. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime at Pawna Lake camping.